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Interview with Malcolm Rifkind, part 4 On US attack on Syria, meeting Tillerson — Lavrov and terrorist threat from Central Asia

VM: In recent days, we faced dramatic events: the terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg and Stockholm, the US strike in Syria. Let us start with the US attack with cruise missiles on the Syrian airbase. This attack, according to Washington, … Читать далее

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Interview with Malcolm Rifkind, part 3, On Brexit, Global War Threat and on Litvinenko case

VM: — Now, let us come to Brexit.   MR: — Yes.   VM: — Brexit, the election of Trump, growing popularity of right parties in Europe. Do these events have the same reasons, or they are the results of … Читать далее

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Interview with Sir Malcolm Rifkind, part 2. On US-Russia and US-EU relations, on Ukraine’s independence, NATO and regional superpowers

VM: — Now, we have come to the US – Russia relations and US – EU relations. What do you think, how Trump policy will change the US – Russian and US – EU relations?   MR: — I think, … Читать далее

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Russian View on Trump and Brexit, part 2

Part 2 About Physics, Lyrics and Politics Introduction In the first article of this series, I analyzed the circumstances and the events, which had led to the arrest of Aleksey Ulyukaev, the Russian Minister for economic development. The story of … Читать далее

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