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Interview with Malcolm Rifkind, part 4 On US attack on Syria, meeting Tillerson — Lavrov and terrorist threat from Central Asia

VM: In recent days, we faced dramatic events: the terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg and Stockholm, the US strike in Syria.

Let us start with the US attack with cruise missiles on the Syrian airbase. This attack, according to Washington, was taken as a response to the use of the chemical weapon by the Syrian air force against the anti-government forces.

The Russian and the Syrian governments reject the possibility that Assad regime was behind the chemical attack. The UN representatives on the ground are not sure what gas was used and who was to be blamed. The Turkish government has agreed to carry out investigation three days after the US attack and, as it seems, under pressure from Moscow. As a result of his negotiations in Moscow with Lavrov and Putin, Tillerson also agreed to carry out impartial investigation and, as I understand, that will be discussed in Geneva at a meeting between Russian, UN and US representatives.

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Interview with Sir Malcolm Rifkind, part 2. On US-Russia and US-EU relations, on Ukraine’s independence, NATO and regional superpowers

VM: — Now, we have come to the US – Russia relations and US – EU relations. What do you think, how Trump policy will change the US – Russian and US – EU relations?


MR: — I think, in some respect, in terms of Russia relations, Trump’s arrival might help. Let me put forward the scenario, but just as an illustration, I’m sorry to come back to Ukraine, but it’s relevant, it’s the best example.

VM: — As an illustration…


MR: — Russia, I suspect, would like to resolve this crisis in its relationship with the rest of the world. It’s not helping Russia, that crisis and the sanctions, political difficulties, and these people in the West would also like to see progress. When you have problems of that kind, they require compromises; they require both sides to make important concessions.

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