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War in Ukraine and Conflict of civilizations, part 3

Putin’s rationalism as ideology of transition

In recent days, the fundamental and irreversible changes have taken place in the system of international relations preceded by ideological crises and fundamental changes in interaction between ideas and real politics. All those changes will result not only in changing course of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine supported by the West and in deepening of the global economic crisis, but inevitably will also lead to changes in governments and ruling elites in many states.

Let’s start with changes in the system of international relations.


            Disruption of the world order and legitimization of conflict of civilizations

More than a year ago, at the beginning of 2021, I started writing about oncoming division of the world into macro-regions or civilizational blocs that would generate fundamental restructuring of international relations on the basis of strategic interests of the main world civilizations.

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Biden, Putin and Xi create G3

In Europe, until now, very few politicians and political analysts have understood what has happened in recent months between the leaders of the United States, Russia and China. This misunderstanding was promoted and stimulated by most of the world media that presented information that does not correspond to real events, or distort reality, distract attention and create artificial and fictitious priorities and threats.

The main political event of 2021, was the start of the creation of a new world strategic security system that is being designed and established by Washington, Moscow and Beijing. It was initiated by J. Biden inviting Vladimir Putin to negotiations in Geneva, and then Biden’s online summits with Xi Jinping, on November 16, and with Putin, on December 7, and followed by Biden’s invitation to Putin for the second online summit in late December or early January 2022.

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