Архив метки: Ukrainiantrap

The Ukrainian Trap, part 3

Zelensky’s last chance to stay alive

For Zelensky, the Ukrainian trap created with his most active participation, has finally slammed shut, and he has little chance of staying alive until the end of 2024.

Vladimir Putin’s statement that Zelensky has legally ceased to be the legitimate president of Ukraine does not only mean that no document signed by Zelensky from this time onwards, will be considered legal by the Kremlin, or that Putin will not negotiate with Zelensky, but also that Moscow now does not consider itself obligated to take into account security of Zelensky as legitimate head of state on whose territory Russia is conducting its special military operation.

Prior to this statement, throughout the war, wherever Zelensky appeared, including on the front positions with the most active fighting, the Russian armed forces used to stop launching artillery or airstrikes.

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