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War in Ukraine and Conflict of Civilizations

                                                                       Part 1

                            Global crisis and conflict of civilizations

The crisis that has engulfed the world is deeper and more systemic than any economic and socio-political crisis that mankind faced before in its history. This crisis is not caused by class contradictions, ideological confrontation, struggle of elites or states for influence, territory or wealth. All that, including economic and ideological contradictions, socio-political splits, national conflicts and elite clashes, are only accompanying and derivative components of the main and deeper crisis that the world plunged into at the beginning of the 21st century.

This unprecedented global crisis is caused by the conflict of civilizations.

The crisis in the relations and interactions of the main world civilizations is complex, it goes simultaneously in different dimensions and manifests itself in different spheres of life and affairs. The main conflict between civilizations takes place in the form of struggle of group of civilizations for equal rights and positions in the system of international relations and against the dominance of Western civilization in the world affairs.

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War goes out of control of Kiev and Moscow

I had to interrupt the series «World War of Sanctions», because in order to further analyze what is happening on the fronts of the economic war between the West, on the one hand, and the Russia-China-India group and those who joined them, on the other, it is necessary to understand what is happening now on the fronts of Ukraine, as well as what has happened on March 29 in Istanbul, where after Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, the Russian participants made, as many thought, strange and even shocking statements. 

So, what happened in Istanbul?


                                                    Splits in Ukraine and Russia

After the meeting in Istanbul, the Ukrainian delegation did not make any statement, but quietly moved into negotiations with the Turkish government on the purchase of new military drones «Bayraktar TB2». By that time, all the Bayraktars available to Ukraine had been shot down by Russian troops.

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