Russian View on Trump and Brexit, part 3.1

Witness of History

In the Academy, my favorite professor was Eugene Petrovich Sitkovskiy. He was one of the best specialists in the Soviet Union on the German philosopher Georg Hegel and the dialectics. However, my whole group looked forward to attend his lectures not because of his knowledge of Hegel, but to listen to his stories.

—         Evgeniy Petrovich, please, tell us about Stalin or Bukharin, — one of us used to ask him in the beginning of a lecture, as soon as Sitkovskiy sat down at his table. – We will read about Hegel ourselves.

Sitkovskiy had unique life experience, he personally knew Lenin, Bogdanov, Stalin and other leaders of the Soviet past. The History spoke to us through Sitkovskiy.





E.P.Sitkovskiy, in 1980-s

—         Morozov, are you planning to write your thesis on Bogdanov? – he asked me after the first lecture.

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Russian View on Trump and Brexit, part 3

The offers I couldn’t refuse

In 1988, I was invited to the Communist Party Committee of the “Novosti” Press Agency (APN), where I was told, that “there is a decision” to give me a recommendation to the postgraduate studies in the Academy of Social Sciences of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

—         What is your decision? – the Secretary of the Committee asked me.

—         Thank you. I agree.

—         Fine. Please, inform the Chief Editor of your Department.

When I entered the room of Nikolay Fedin, the Chief Editor of the Asian Department of APN and told him about the offer I had just received, he was surprised.

—         What did you tell them? – he asked me.

—         I agreed.

—         Are you crazy? You will lose three years.  What they can teach you there?! Nothing! – Fedin became angry. – You have spent six years abroad, in India, and they have been abroad for several weeks maximum. What do they know about the international relations? Only from the newspapers from the articles, written by people like you, and from the books written by the humanoids like them! What can they teach you, those humanoids? We send to the Academy only those, who can’t work, who is not required here, in the field…

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Russian View on Trump and Brexit

Part 2

About Physics, Lyrics and Politics


In the first article of this series, I analyzed the circumstances and the events, which had led to the arrest of Aleksey Ulyukaev, the Russian Minister for economic development. The story of the arrest is a vivid example of the importance of the relations and interconnections in the modern World.

The Russian liberals, who dominated in Russian economy for the last 25 years and its political life from 1991 to at least 2008, suddenly found themselves threatened by the possibility of change in the relationship between the US and the Russian Presidents. More, the change in the relations between the two Presidents threatens the future of the elites in the USA and the Western European countries.

Actually, before writing the first part in English, I had written the article about the arrest of Ulyukaev for the Russian readers. After publication of the article, I have received a number of letters, comments and calls. There were different opinions and remarks. Some readers supported me fully and spoke about their own experience. Some readers expressed the opinion that I “overestimated the Kremlin”, “they are not so clever… they will fail to use this opportunity”. Some were of the same opinion in respect to the Western leaders. Some thought, that Donald Trump and the new political elite in the US and Europe “will not dare to use the Joker that Putin can provide them”.

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Russian view on Trump and Brexit


In July, I started writing and publishing in Russia a series of articles under the title «The Gunshot of British “Aurora” and Trump Phenomena”. For foreign readers, who don’t know the history of Russia, here I explain, that the battleship Cruiser “Aurora» occupies a special place in Russian history. This battleship, standing on the river Neva, in St. Petersburg, in October 1917, was under political influence and the command of the Bolshevik (Communist) party. “Aurora” made a gunshot as a signal to attack by the Bolshevik military unit of the Winter Palace and the arrest of the Russian Intermediate Government. This storm of the Winter Palace is known in the World history as the Great October Socialist Revolution. This revolution brought to life the Soviet Russia, the USSR and later fifteen independent States, including the modern Russia, led by Vladimir Putin.

In those articles, I wrote that Brexit and appearance of “the Trump phenomena” and trampism in the USA have become the loud and powerful signals demonstrating the start of the processes that can result in a political radical transformation, that is bound to change the World.

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«Перестройка» на Западе: причины и риски


«Брекзит и победа Трампа, о которых «так много говорили большевики, совершились!» (В.И.Ленин, Полное собрание сочинений).

Теперь встают вопросы: А что же будет? Чего ожидать? И извечный вопрос: Что делать? (В.И.Ленин, «Что делать? Наболевшие вопросы нашего движения»; Н.Г.Чернышевский, Одноименный роман про Рахметова).

Еще несколько дней назад политологи и комментаторы обсуждали ситуацию в США и Европе исключительно узконаправленно: будут сняты санкции с России или нет? Будет Трамп поддерживать НАТО или нет? Будет он платить за отправку нескольких сотен солдат, в основном, американцев, немцев и британцев, в Прибалтику, чтобы они «сдерживали и противостояли российским дивизиям», которые «готовы напасть» на Ригу и Вильнюс, или решит, что слишком дорого устраивать солдатам оплачиваемые отпуска на Балтийском побережье, и пусть Лондон и Берлин платят за своих солдат свои британские фунты и немецкие евро.

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