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Interview with Malcolm Rifkind on North Korea, part 2

VM: In your previous answer, you mentioned that South Korea, with a population of 51 million, is twice as large as North Korea, and its wealth and GDP of nearly 3 trillion US dollars, are vastly greater than North Korean GPD of 40 billion USD, and that the North Koreans flee to South Korea.
I can add that that the defence budget of South Korea is nearly equal to GDP of North Korea. That is statistic, which is considered accurate, but reality might be different. For example, statistic does not take into consideration costs of labor or level of taxation, “administration” costs, or cost of production of energy resources or products, or tanks, guns and missiles in these countries… In 2017, average salary of American has buying potential equal to the average salary of American in 1958… With all todays thousands of dollars!

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Interview with Sir Malcolm Rifkind on North Korea, part 1

Photo: Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former UK Defence (1992-1995) and Foreign Secretary (1995-1997) and Chairman of Intelligence and Security Committee

VM: — Soon, the leaders of the US, South Korea, China, Russia and Japan will meet in Vietnam at Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum and North Korea will be in the centre of the talks. Korean Peninsula has become the hottest and the most dangerous region in the world. Here, the world has come as close to a nuclear war, as nowhere else. The system of nuclear non-proliferation is collapsing. The crisis in US – North Korea relations threatens lives of millions of people. The US President Donald Trump threatened North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with aircraft-career group and nuclear submarines, which are considered weapons of last reserve… What do you think about the policy of the present US Administration? What will happen, if Kim Jong-un turned to be “tough guy” and will not succumb under the US threats?

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