Архив метки: principles of BRICS

The Wise Monkey and the Bear

Part 1

China – Russia: «Back-to-back». Why and what next?

Vladimir Putin’s visit to China and the new appointments he made in the Government and Administration of the President of the Russian Federation were actively discussed by political analysts and the world media, but almost no one connected these events or tried to analyze them as manifestations of one process. That must be done because these events are interconnected and reflect important changes taking place in the world.

So, in order to identify the “scarlet” connecting the events, let’s start with Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing.

China’s cooperation with the West and the “back-to-back” stand with Russia

As result of negotiations between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, few important agreements were reached. That includes the development in Russia of joint production of equipment that Russia is now importing and that was subject to Western sanctions; the acceleration of development of transport and energy transitions from Russia to China, as well as to other countries, including to the south to Iran, Pakistan and India; the creation and development of international financial system capable of operating independently from the existing dollar system…

And here I would like to point out that the specific details of these agreements were not disclosed.

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