Архив метки: Theresa May

Sir Malcolm Rifkind on reasons behind Brexit, on Theresa May and her failure to deliver Brexit and her meeting Putin in Osaka

Photo: Sir Malcom Rifkind, the former UK Defence (1992-1995) and Foreign Secretary (1995-1997) and Chairman of Intelligence and Security Committee

VM: The British Prime Minister Teresa May resigned though she is to stay in office until new leader of the Conservative party is elected, and that will be announced on 22 July. There are two candidates for the post of Prime Minister left out of the number of candidates enough to create a football team. That is not the only one problem facing the Conservative party and Great Britain…

In the elections to the European Parliament, the Conservative party suffered the biggest defeat in nationwide elections since 1830, and received support of only 9% of the British voters! The Labour party was also humiliated and defeated. The elections were won by the Brexit party created few weeks before the elections…

Three years ago, when the British people voted at the referendum to leave the European Union, it looked as if the bright political and economic future was ahead of the U.K. 

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