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US and NATO talks with Russia: failure or a new «Great Game»

The talks between the US and Russia in Geneva and between NATO and Russia in Brussels were declared a failure by most analysts and commentators. Russia put forward its demands, and these demands were rejected by both Washington and its NATO allies, — that is the main thesis of the commentators. It may seem that creation of new architecture of the international relations based on dominance of SG3, the new world’s Premier League, which should include the US, Russia and China, has hit an insurmountable obstacle.

However, it is not so simple and unambiguous, and there are reasons to come to that conclusion.


                                           The Great Game of Albert Einstein

Reason One. It is necessary to note one indisputable fact. In January 2022, Moscow and Washington have begun to build a new system of international relations and strategic security system, and they started it with Europe. 

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