Архив метки: Strekhnin

Resurrection of Monster born of revolution and war

(«Russia — Ukraine: War or Peace», part 3)

Until 2008, it seemed that the system of «matryoshka» created in Russia by Vladimir Putin in early 2000-s, was doing what it was expected.

Putin didn’t bring down the system created under Boris Yeltsin, though that system showed its inability to survive. Inside the system of 1990-s, Putin created a new internal subsystem, “deep state”, which developed and functioned independently of the external system. That new subsystem developed using the resources and reserves of the whole country, slowly transforming from inside and creating a new Russia.                  

The external “matryoshka” that Putin inherited from Yeltsin was left in the hands and under control of the groups and clans that ruled Russia in 1990s, of those who agreed to Vladimir Putin’s term: «Do what you want, but do not create problems for the Kremlin.»

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