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The Conflict of Civilizations or The Russian House that Jack Built

To readers,

I made a short break in writing the series of analytical articles on Ukraine – Russia relations that I have been working on in recent weeks.

To many readers, my decision looked strange. President Vladimir Putin published an article «On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians», which became his most important political statement since his speech in Munich in 2007, and my readers wonder how could I stop writing at that moment.

In an article published on the Kremlin’s website, Putin not only draw the «red line» and sent a signal to the West and Kiev that Moscow had decided to do anything to prevent Ukraine becoming Anti-Russia, including, as it is clear from the article, to use military force or hybrid warfare, but also outlined the cornerstones of a new state ideology, which Putin intends to create in the coming months.

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Russian View on Trump and Brexit, part 3.1

Witness of History

In the Academy, my favorite professor was Eugene Petrovich Sitkovskiy. He was one of the best specialists in the Soviet Union on the German philosopher Georg Hegel and the dialectics. However, my whole group looked forward to attend his lectures not because of his knowledge of Hegel, but to listen to his stories.

—         Evgeniy Petrovich, please, tell us about Stalin or Bukharin, — one of us used to ask him in the beginning of a lecture, as soon as Sitkovskiy sat down at his table. – We will read about Hegel ourselves.

Sitkovskiy had unique life experience, he personally knew Lenin, Bogdanov, Stalin and other leaders of the Soviet past. The History spoke to us through Sitkovskiy.





E.P.Sitkovskiy, in 1980-s

—         Morozov, are you planning to write your thesis on Bogdanov? – he asked me after the first lecture.

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