Архив метки: New world oder

Change of Leaders and New world order

To the readers

Since the publication of the first parts of the series “War in Ukraine and Conflict of Civilizations”, some readers have had questions that concentrated over few important subjects. In particular, readers asked:

Why do so many analysts talk about division of the world into macro-regions or pan-regions forming around economically and militarily strong powers, but you insist that macro-regions are being formed around centers of the main world civilizations?

If the world will be ruled by the Supergroup of «civilizations», what role will the other 160 independent members of the UN that cannot be classified as «civilizations», play in the international relations?

What role do you assign to Great Britain and the EU in the new system of international relations? What place will be occupied by Great Britain that for several centuries was the center of the largest empire, played important role in formation of Western civilization and in the beginning of the last century, still had its own so-called at that time, «British Pan-Region»?

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