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Conflict of Civilizations in Hotel California

The world media assessed the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco as cautiously optimistic, and I will not argue with this assessment. Biden and Xi managed to agree on measures to prevent uncontrollable military clash between the US and China.

However, many felt like being locked in Hotel California that they can check out any time, but can never leave…  


Prisoners of their own device

In San Francisco, Biden and Xi openly demonstrated their differences in views on how international relations should develop, and both stood firm.

Xi Jinping tried to convince the American president of the need to change basic principles of relations between Washington and Beijing towards finding compromise approaches and eliminating possibility of confrontation.

Biden firmly defended the existing system of relations, insisting on the need to find and agree on mechanism that would reduce the risks of developing uncontrolled by the US confrontation in the Far East and Southeast Asia.

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