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Russia that Vladimir Putin built, part 2

 «The Great Game» or «War of Shadows»


                                Through the Looking Glass into the Wonderland 

Sometimes it seems that the history of relations between Great Britain and Russia was created by Lewis Carroll as narrated by Alice, and one of the main characters of this story at its initial stage, the English captain and traveller Richard Chancellor was not inferior in imagery to either Alice or Lewis Carroll, presenting Muscovy, the Russian Tsardom in XVI century, as a “young horse who is not aware of its strength » and himself as that» little child” who is able to subdue that young and gaining strength Russian horse.

Richard Chancellor was not only convinced that it was enough to find the right tool, smart move and the right bridle to gain control over Russia and rule it. Like all his companions, he was convinced that they had already taken the main step in taking control and subjugating Russia: they impressed greatly Tsar Ivan the Terrible and his entourage with English manners, their knowledge, British goods and exquisite clothes. They

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Russia that Vladimir Putin built

 To readers,

In this series, I intend to give historic analysis of political, social and economic system of modern Russia. I consider this series of articles as a kind of Heartland of my previous series and as foundation to revelation of reasons and possible outcome of the confrontation between Russia and the West, including in Ukraine, Caucasus and Central Asia.

It is impossible to uncover and analyze the causes of this confrontation without understanding what state and what system Vladimir Putin has created and continues to build. Where is he leading Russia and other former Soviet states, including Ukraine and the Central Asian states that are inseparably connected to Moscow. Without understanding of hidden and visible features of the state system of Russia and the Russian civilization, it is impossible to foresee future development of the relations between the West and Moscow.

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