Архив метки: Xi Jinping

To be, or not to be the Russian Tsar

(Analysis of the results of Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow)

Part 1

The state propaganda and mass media usually try to present official visits of leaders more significant and productive than they really are. The state visit of Xi Jinping to Moscow and his meeting with Vladimir Putin appeared to be an exception.

The Russian and Chinese state news services, as well as mass media, demonstrating strange restraint, made no attempt to exaggerate or even show in full the real significance of the Russian — Chinese summit. Moreover, confusion, signs of misunderstanding and misbelief appeared in the Russian political elites and among the state officials.

However, the essence of what happened during negotiations in Moscow was succinctly expressed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping when he said goodbye to Vladimir Putin, before taking seat in his limousine standing at the front doors of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

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