Архив метки: Ukraine war

Lessons from Impossible Wars

(from the series “War and Peace in the 21st Century”)

                                                                               Part 1

In recent weeks, two events have occurred that allowed me to return to the analysis of the ongoing process of transition to new model of the world development: the war in Israel and Palestine, and the international forum “One Belt, One Road” in Beijing.

Leaders and representatives of 30 international organizations and 130 states came to Beijing to participate in the forum, including Vladimir Putin, whom Chairman Xi Jinping met as his main partner and second leader in the world model they were creating.

Western European countries were not invited to Beijing, including Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain, in spite of the fact that until 2021, for twenty years, Beijing had been focused on development of relations with exactly these states and considered Europe as one of the main regions and sectors of the system “One Belt, One Road.»

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