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War in Ukraine and Conflict of Civilizations, part 2

                                        The inevitable globalization of war


In this series of articles, I analyse the war in Ukraine as manifestation of conflict of civilizations. It is this conflict, — global and systemic in nature, — that affects the course of the war in Ukraine, as well as most of other important events and processes in the world. Conflict of civilizations determines their development, consequences and results, often unpredictable and contrary to the wishes of those who plan and implement them.

The present crisis in international relations is caused by contradictions between the main civilizations, primarily Western, led by the United States, and other great civilizations, including Chinese, Russian, Indian, Latin American and the Arab world that realized their ability to limit and even to end dominance of the West in world affairs. This process was initiated by China, which relies on its financial and economic power, and Russia, the only country that can destroy the West.

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Struggle for world leadership threatens Europe and Asia with war


                                         «The Worst Thing That Could Happen»

The struggle for leadership between three superpowers — the United States, Russia and China — has escalated to the point that the threat of wars between them has become not only real, but highly likely, and the main impetus for this aggravation was given by decisions taken in Beijing by Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

The visit of Vladimir Putin to Beijing at the opening of the Olympics and his talks with Xi Jinping became the second important event for world politics after the meeting between Joe Biden and Putin in Geneva, in June 2021. From the joint statement of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, it became clear that the process of creating a new architecture of international relations would be more complex than Washington had planned, and its consequences could be different from what the White House expected.

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