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War and Peace in the 21st century

2022 will remain a milestone in history, when several important historical periods have come to their end at once. Each of these periods was defined by different interacting processes, some of them lasted for decades and some for centuries, shaping destinies of peoples and civilizations.

In 2022, the world has begun transition to qualitatively new stage of its development, and this transition will determine the future of mankind, including of states and peoples that dominated the world over the past centuries.

In this series, I will highlight several historical processes that have come to their end in 2022, and will try to provide readers with prospects for future development in the coming years.

                                                             Part 1

                                                 End of the “Prologue of History”


                          Historical turning point as the Finale of the Prologue of History

In 2022, the period that can be called the “Prologue of History” ended, and this was reflected in the changes taking place before our eyes, including changes in most important priorities and values of mankind, in understanding and evaluation of processes of interactions and relations between peoples and states, and methods and ways to solve problems in international affairs.

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