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Lessons from Impossible Wars. Israel and Palestine

(from the series “War and Peace of the 21st Century”)                                                                                      

                                 Inter-civilizational fire in the Middle East

The war in Israel and Palestine has two unique features that distinguish it from previous and current wars, including the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and these features are:

  1. From the point of view of the interests of the States involved directly and indirectly in the conflict, in 2023, this war between Israel and Palestine should not have happened.
  2. If we consider this war from the point of viewofrelations betweenJewish and Arab civilizations, the war was inevitable.

Let’s look at the first notion…


                                                    From peace to inevitability of war

Until October 7, 2023, before the Hamas attack on Israel, all actions of the states involved directly or indirectly in the conflict, were aimed at reducing tensions and resolving interstate contradictions and problems in the Middle East.

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