Архив метки: Ideologies

Ideologies in modern world. Life after the death

                                                       Part 1

                                                 Flight to nowhere

Human race, unlike other living beings, basically carries out its own selection, destroying people, classes, nations and states, as well as social and economic structures. In the most acute and intensive form, these selections occur during transitions of civilisations, states and societies from one technological level and socio-economic stage of development to another.

Human civilisation has made such transitions more than once, and in those times, humanity used to experience anxiety, unrest, but behind all the worries and disturbances, a new hope and confidence in a bright and happy future appeared and grew.

Those transitions were always accompanied by death or waning and diminution of old ideologies and by birth of new ideologies, new visions of the future world, and those new ideologies brought hope for a better life.

The transition to bourgeois society and capitalism gave birth to the ideas of freedom, equality and created ideological foundation for Western democracy based on competition and rivalry, on the right for each human being to fight for his own interests.

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