Архив метки: dialogue of civilizations

Dialogue of Civilizations on New Architecture of International Relations

The world now is fundamentally different from what it was just a few months ago. After putting forward by Russia of «the Putin’s ultimatum» to the United States demanding equal guarantees of strategic security and the joint statement in Beijing by Putin and Xi claiming creation of new architecture of international relations that were both rejected by Washington and NATO, and after invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the world will no longer be what it was only few months back.

The world has already changed fundamentally and continues to change faster and deeper than it is seen or imagined by most politicians and observers. These changes are so fundamental that wrong assessment and misunderstanding of the ongoing processes increase threats not only to the existing world relations and economic system, but to the very existence of mankind.

At the heart of the changes lies the conflict not just between individual countries and military-political blocs, but between the main world civilizations.

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