Архив метки: оппозиция в Лондоне

Первый материал из The Sunday Times

Ниже я публикую сначала сам текст материала, опубликованного на первой полосе The Sunday Times, а потом и саму публикацию (размещу завтра).

Комментировать пока не буду.

AN EXTRAORDINARY covert operation has been mounted by Russian spies in Britain in an effort to frame an arch-critic of Vladimir Putin.

Secret agents from the Federal Security Service (FSB) launched the brazen plot in London and Surrey in an attempt to discredit Valery Morozov, who claimed political asylum in the UK after blowing the whistle on Kremlin corruption.

Acting under direction from Moscow, the intelligence officers posed as investors to try to entice the property magnate into a money-laundering scheme that would have «cleaned» £30m of dirty money generated by Russian organised-crime gangs. They also tried to donate €1.5m of Continued on page 2 uu Continued from page 1 counterfeit money to his anticorruption foundation in Britain, which would have left him open to criminal charges in the UKcourts.

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