Архив метки: завод Компрессорб Норберт Вебер

On future wars and past privatisations

(«Ukraine — Russia: War or Peace», part 4)

To readers,

Some of my readers asked me few questions, such as,

Why do I pay almost all attention to Russia and write very little so far about Ukraine? Why do I pay special attention to the political decisions that were taken by the Russian Prime Minister Yevgeniy Primakov, when Vladimir Putin appeared in Moscow and got his first job in the Kremlin, though these decisions were not directly connected to Ukraine? What was the impact of the political turn made in late 1990-s by Primakov and Putin on the Russian – Ukrainian relations?

Responding to these questions, I would like to note that until the end of the 1990s, the processes that took place in all post-Soviet states were very similar. By writing about the processes that were going in Russia, I describe the problems that were facing all the republics of the former USSR, including Ukraine.

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