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To be, or not to be the Russian Tsar, part 2

(Analysis of the results of Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow)

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about the meeting of Josef Resin, First Vice-Mayor, Head of Construction Complex in the Government of Moscow, with the General Managers of the four biggest Chinese construction Corporations. That meeting took place in Moscow, in 2004, and during that meeting, it turned out that the number of builders employed in each of the Chinese state corporations was several times bigger than the population of Moscow, and the total number of employees in these four Corporations was equal at least to half of population of the whole of Russia (https://valerymorozov.com/news/3403 )

That was twenty years ago, before China’s main economic breakthrough.


                                        Remains and Remnants of the Soviet Union

There was one aspect in that story that no one talked about at that meeting, but that all the Russians present thought about, and that was the fact that in the former Soviet construction companies, that survived the collapse of the USSR and whose names continued to be highly respected, there were only dozens of people working, among them only few were builders…

Shortly before the meeting between Resin and the management of Chinese Corporations, I had conversation with Andrey Shernin, project manager of Glavmosstroy Corporation at the State Kremlin Palace.

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