Архив метки: война в Украине

«Pounce of Mongoose». The West, Ukraine and Russia may fall into a full-scale war

There are two wars that are going in Ukraine at the same time.

The United States, Europe and Ukraine have come together in a war against Russia backed by China, India, Iran and few other countries of the former third world. This is the hybrid war that goes mostly in the field of economy and finances, but in that war, Ukraine and Russia fight as military vanguards of confronting alliances.  The outcome of this war will determine the architecture and new fundamental, including moral, principles of international relations and the balance of power for the coming decades.

The second war is between Russia and Ukraine, and the analysis of this conflict and its causes that are generated by the crisis that has been going on in the post-Soviet space since the collapse of the USSR, do not receive due attention. This war will decide the future of «Russian civilization» that was created on the territory of the Ancient Russia, later was integrated in the Great Horde and transformed into the Russian Empire and the USSR that disintegrated in 1991 into fifteen states.

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